Specialty Programs

In addition to customizing any of our certificate programs to fit your needs, we also offer a variety of specialty events and services.

Partners for Excellence

Let us help create a custom program designed just for the needs of your company or industry. We will work with you to combine any of our executive education certificate programs into a custom package that will help your team shine. 

Career Innovation Academy

Competition in today’s job market is tougher than ever. We can help you stand out from the competition and plan your career path. This innovative program can help anyone from college juniors, and seniors to recent graduates and more. Let us help you navigate the constantly changing career landscape with specialized programs to help you craft a resume, develop a social media strategy, determine your ideal career path, and more.

Customer Lifetime Value: The Path to Profitability

In recent years, managers have come to realize the importance of measuring and maximizing the lifetime value of individual customers — and with good reason. The new model is Customer Lifetime Value. This customer-centric strategy holds tremendous implications for managing customers for profitability.
Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business and Argus Software® is proud to introduce the University Certification Program for ARGUS Valuation–DCF.The ARGUS Valuation–DCF software is widely recognized as the industry gold standard for commercial real estate cash flow projection, investment and valuation analysis.